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To help your business run smoothly, Cids-Inc's review services for both contracts and processes.

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Consulting Services

Is your business not quite running perfectly? Is that previous version of software or a release-document that you desperately need not the iteration currently on employees' PCs?

If you've got problem areas that need pinpointing, CIDS-INC offers review services for both contracts and processes in which we provide directional problem solving to help clients arrive at a cost-effective implementable solution.

Review Services for Contracts

To ensure that you're handling product development the right way, CIDS-INC. portfolio of consulting services can be tailored specifically to your particular needs. If your company has a fire or similar disaster, for instance, can you get back up and running in a timely enough fashion to suit your business?

Our menu of activities that help your business run better include:

  • Off-site storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Manufacturing

Review Services for Processes

Review services for processes constitute the implementation aspect of our consulting array. We help you select the best revision control system or create testing methodologies with the ultimate aim of helping you write what you want and do so in such a way that's testable and verifiable, so you know you're getting exactly what you set out to get.

Achieving that goal requires properly-tuned processes along the way, such as audit trails for finding who made changes, when, what those changes were and, in some cases, why they were made.

CIDS-INC's menu of services is a strong starting point, from which we conduct a walk-through audit of your business, talk to the people who are actually doing the work to learn how they may have altered processes, and find which ones need improvement. Our services include:

  • Audit history
  • Trouble tracking
  • Archival
  • Documentation
  • The development process itself
  • Revision control

Once we've uncovered key areas for improvement, CIDS-INC writes our hallmark directional problem solving advice to guide clients toward the best solution and processes.

The report is more than just paper: All our various pieces comprise a road map of what to change, based on a client's needs, as well as directions on how those changes can be implemented.

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