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Cids-Inc. charts a unique course tailored to your business for transitioning to VoIP, telephony, or broadband technologies.

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VoIP Systems


Migrating from a traditional land line, wired PBX to broadband VOIP telephony systems requires thorough and comprehensive planning based on intimate knowledge of the technologies. CIDS-INC. offers three levels of service for making the transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible while yielding greater levels of employee productivity.

CIDS-INC. helps customers identify their specific needs, find the best solutions, and manage the implementation.

In other words: We deliver a complete business plan for telephony and VoIP transitions including an early look at the requisite costs and the various values such an upgrade will bring.

Identify Needs

This first phase begins with a deep analysis of your company's existing telephony systems and an evaluation of your particular factors for moving to broadband and VoIP.

So we look at what you currently spend and what you get for your money. Next: we outline the basic, initial cost of a VOIP implementation and, from there, investigate the costs and benefits of upgrading to additional features – namely what promises the most significant return, whether that comes via enhanced productivity, competitive advantage, a better customer experience, the enablement of a distributed office, or a host of new capabilities such as call routing, or enhanced voicemail.

This phase builds to an examination of how an upgrade compares to what you've got in place, with a particular eye toward improving the business in which we'll highlight technological opportunities. A new VOIP system, for instance, could through new features boost customer satisfaction 25 percent which, in turn, helps gain new customers and earn more revenue. The upgrade would be well worth the investment.

Finding The Right Solutions

Even well-plotted plans require the best-fitting products to fulfill their potential.

To find the best solutions for your company's unique needs, we begin with a broad look at the product field to understand the array of options.

Next we whittle the list down accordingly. Sometimes, a single solution shines above the rest to most appropriately meet your needs, and other times we may provide a listing of your best choices.

Implementation Management

Once you've decided upon the best VoIP products and features, a new phase of work begins. CIDS-INC. manages the implementation, testing, certification, and verifies that everything works as promised.

Our portfolio of services carries you from the earliest consideration stages all the way through implementation, before you even have to pay the vendor!

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