Cids-Inc. is an agile and expert technology consultancy that delivers complete and comprehensive business plans spanning three key areas: Telecom VoIP/Broadband, Development Processes and Contracts, and Product Realization.

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CIDS-INC. charts a unique course tailored to your business for transitioning to VoIP, telephony, or broadband technologies, including an examination of associated costs, an assessment of the particular values clients can reap from the investment, and implementation management.

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Processes and Contracts

To help your business run smoothly, Cids-Inc's review services for both contracts and processes locate problem areas, and provide direction on fixing those, including helping clients determine cost-effective and implementable solutions.

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Product Realization

CIDS-INC. expertly guides clients through the contract manufacturing lifecycle, beginning with a “sanity test” to ensure that you not only elect the best manufacturer to bring your product to market but also negotiate an agreeable rate to attain from that partner exactly what you need. No more, and certainly no less.