Product Realization

Cids-Inc. expertly guides clients through the contract
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Product Realization

It's one thing to create a compelling prototype. But stepping up to play the manufacturer's game is altogether different – and the ensuing decisions and negotiations can be far more intimidating.

Consider this common scenario: You've completed the research, and then built a cutting-edge electronic device that has your investors clamoring to take it to the next level, manufacturing. So you take a deep breath and request a fistful of bids. Upon return, they're all so different that making sense of them feels practically insurmountable.

How do you choose the best manufacturer? And after deciding on one you're comfortable with, what are the best tactics for ensuring they deliver precisely what you need, no less and certainly no more?

CIDS-INC.'s sanity test, that's how. We help you take the reins, rather than turning them over to your chosen manufacturer.

Our sanity test determines whether a contract manufacturer's price is reasonable based on criteria unique to your business. Then, as an independent resource free of vested interest in contract manufacturers, we coach you through negotiations. The focus is typically on which questions to ask, what to look out for, and how to be sure the manufacturer is not offering more service than you actually need, or less than you require.

The sanity test comprises a palette of services including:

  • Frameworks and methodologies for ISO 9000 audits
  • Documenting processes
  • Tracking results
  • Creating repositories for recovery and traceability

As an independent resource free of vested interest in contract manufacturers, we help you determine exactly what they're offering, understand how differing bids stack up, guide you in negotiating through the selection process and, ultimately, bring the next big thing to market.

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